Suvastra Japan

Suvastra Japan

Mission Vision

Suvastra Japan mission is to create community of happy stake holders across our value chain. We are committed to make a difference in the lives of our employees and partners through fair and transparent business practices, by providing safe and hygienic working conditions and by producing high quality, well designed products with integrity

Design Development capability

Fashion in Japan is forever evolving. As Japan is an isolated island nation, there’s quite a lot of room for experimentation particularly in the world of street fashion, from new fashion tech to blending modern and traditional ideas. Tokyo is the undisputed fashion leader of the nation, with different areas of the metropolis known for their unique approaches to Apparel Fashion. With these advantages, Suvastra Japan, can create something new all over the world from scratch that means Yarn to Garment.

Leadership Team at Suvastra Japan

With so many futuristic projects and prototypes being developed in Japan at any given time, cutting-edge design& tradition are both very much a part of Japanese fashion. With over 10 years experience team at Suvastra Japan, is able to create, clothing meant for specific aesthetic function, you can find everyday styles that achieve the balance of merging modern looks with state-of-the-art mechanics for function and comfort. In short it is a Innovation Centre with highly capable team working behind.

The founder and chairman of the Suvastra Japan Koji Asai is regarded as the great Salesman in the Japanese fashion retailing industry . Suvastra Japan which aims to revitalize Japan India relationship by understand the core values of Indian apparel&its strengths and weaknesses. He aims to be the best bridge between Indian manufacturer and Japan customers

Suvastra Japan can create textile instruction, print ideas ,EMB motifs, and style design based on market trend and international trend.