Eco Work Wear

It isn’t enough just looking for the price &quality in the products
we buy, we must ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who make them& the price we pay for the environment impact.

Why ECO Work Wear is Important?

Textile is 2nd largest pollution industry in the World, Work wear contributes major share in this pollution, unlike Fashion Brands, these work wears are procured from unsafe suppliers. Fashion Brands in the past decade has changed a lot but un organized sector like Work wear has not. So it is very important that we shift our focus on the source base from where these work wear are being produced? How it impacts our environment& society ?

Can Fair trade/GOTS can be considered as CSR activity?

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more and more important for the firms from developed countries and in India as well. The role of fair trade in developing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to add the dynamics of CSR being used in organizations.. The role of fair trade is developed by identifying the importance of CSR factors.Fair trade firms give equal importance to economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. The importance of fair trade in developing the economic, social, and environmental responsibilities of fair trade firms by focusing an important stakeholder group (i.e., suppliers). These trends represent the increasing demand of fair trade in businesses and also help them to know the important factors in corporate responsibility by considering the significance of suppliers as important stakeholders.
Similar fashion, GOTs Textile standard, also make an major impact on our environment and CSR activity.

Game Changer in Worker wear Industry

Suvastra India has been a leader in the Fair Trade & GOTS movement for years, The Largest Organic / Fair trade garment was produced in Suvastra India to denote our contribution for the movement.

Our workwear collection changes the game with high-quality eco-fabrics that give you the perfect fit and look. Produced ethically without sweatshops or child labor.

Most of us struggle to find clothing that is tailored yet to meet the end use, for the Corporate/Business/ casual /Industry environment, especially when it comes to ethically-made pieces that we can feel proud wearing. But look no further. We’ve workwear/Corporate wearsolution for the professionals/Industry workers, that range from durable workwear to business casual and formal. We Add a very unique Value as below

Unique Values

  • ECO Friendly – GOTS & GRS ( focus on CSR)
  • Ethically Made – Fair Trade & Fair Ware Foundation
  • Design – Designed by International Designers
  • Performance – Cool max, quick dry, Wicking, stay Fresh
  • Durability – Tested fabric and secured sewing
  • Comfort – Custom made Fits for comfort
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